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'Black-singlet' bully in viral video identified - Police

'Black-singlet' bully in viral video identified - Police
A screengrab of the video that went viral on social media earlier this week, showing a group of boys, led by a boy in a black singlet, bullying nine others.
KUALA LUMPUR: Police have identified the main suspect who appeared in a video clip on a group of boys bullying nine others, believed to be at the dormitory of a school hostel in Pontian, Johor, four years ago.

The video, which went viral on the social media, showed the suspect wearing a black singlet.

Assistant chief at the Inspector-General of Police Secretariat (Corporate Communications), ACP Asmawati Ahmad said a check with the school concerned found that the suspect had been expelled in August 2011.
"Several other suspects and victims (who appeared in the video clip) have also been identified.

"However, until now, there is no police report from the victims or their families and the school also confirmed there was no report on the incident," she said in a statement here Thursday.

The video clip, lasting four minutes and 37 seconds, shows a group of boys assaulting nine other boys, believed to be at the dormitory of a school's hostel.

Asmawati said the school claimed that it only knew about the bullying after the video clip went viral.

On another video clip of bullying which had gone viral, of a boy in a red T-shirt being beaten by a group of boys, she said it happened at an orphanage in Kangar, Perlis.

"The incident was reported by the management of the orphanage last June 6 and statement had been recorded from the 11-year-old victim," she said, adding that the suspects had been detained and charged in the Kangar Magistrate's Court Thursday for rioting.

She urged those with information on bullying cases to inform the police.