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Three rare white Bengali tiger cubs born in Crimea

Three rare white Bengal tiger cubs were filmed crawling around their nursery on Saturday (October 10) after being born at Yalta zoo in Crimea. The three cubs were rejected by their mother and are being raised from bottles by staff. Two of the three male cubs have stripes while a third is virtually all white. Three boys, two of them are common white striped, and one is practically white. Unfortunately the mother abandon which our staff weren't successful dealing with. The young are developing well and so they aren't bored we sent them to a nursery with lion cubs which were themselves not born long ago, said zoo staff member Oksana Zubkova. The tiger cubs are being kept in a nursery with some recently born lion cubs and, while one day they may develop into fearsome predators, are for now content crawling all over their cots and each other.