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Moment goldsmith cuts open steel pot to rescue toddler - after his head got stuck

The incident happened in Nagla village in Rajasthan in western India when Piyush was playing at home. His parents, both daily wage labours, were about to leave for work at seven in the morning when they heard Piyush's frantic cries. They were shocked to find his head stuck in the empty vessel, which is used to store water in villages. His father Lalchand Jatav and neighbours tried to remove the pot themselves but it was so tight that they didn't succeed. Panicked, they rushed little toddler to a nearby government hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors could not remove the pot either due to lack of adequate equipment. When nothing helped, his dejected father took help from one goldsmith, Kapil Soni, who used a metal cutter to cut open the pot. At last, after three hours, Piyush was rescued and is now stable and healthy.