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Baby tiger antics caught on camera

Video captured on Tuesday (August 11) shows a tiny tiger cub amusing the crowd as settles into his new home in the Tiger Island Nursery at the Dreamworld theme park in Australia. The footage shows the two-week-old tiger being bottle fed in his nursery surrounded by cuddly tiger toy mascots. The yet unnamed cub moves unsteadily among his cuddly toy companions, which dwarf the infant tiger. Emitting squeaks and purrs, the cub clearly enjoys playing with his cuddly tiger toys. In order to protect the little cub, who has not been immunised yet, the footage was filmed by the manager of Tiger Island, Patrick Martin-Vegue, and accompanied by Dreamworld's tiger handler who shares a strong bond with his tiny charge. The cub was born through the 'Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation's breeding program' and the Foundation's spokesperson, Lara Boath said his birth was 'a huge win for wild tiger conservation efforts' and that he 'will become the Tiger Island's ambassador for his wild cousins in need of help'. The Tiger Island Nursery is part of Dreamworld, the biggest theme park in Australia, which is currently the home of eleven tigers. Boath also stated that all revenue from '100% of proceeds of all tiger experiences go to conservation projects for tigers in the wild such as anti-poaching programs.'