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World Humanitarian Day

A would-be immigrant rests in a Red Cross container
An injured girl is carried by a Nepal Army personnel
A girl from the Pauktaw township
A North Korean child suffering from malnutrition
A would-be immigrant is attended by a member
A family rescued by army soldiers pass a cargo truck
A Syrian refugee child is covered by thermal blanket
Members of the Civil Defence rescue children
Severely malnourished Sadiki Basilaki
Rescue workers pull a man trapped by a sudden rise of water level
A Red Cross worker pauses on the way to the scene of a Kenya Airways plane crash
Men rescue a boy from under the rubble
A doctor administers medicine to a sick child with his mother at a health clinic
A Nepalese soldier carries a young earthquake victim
Ebola health workers rest outside a quarantine zone at a Red Cross facility
A fireman cools off after petrol tankers
A member of Spanish Red Cross reacts
A man gives medical assistance to an injured man
A firemen reacts at the scene of a suicide car bomb attack
A Russian police officer carries a released baby

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