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Hurricane Harvey hits Texas

This photo made available by NASA shows Hurricane Harvey over Texas on Saturday
Two kayakers try to beat the current pushing them down an overflowing Brays Bayou along S. Braeswood
A driver works his way through a maze of fallen utility poles damaged in the wake of Hurricane Harvey
People seeking shelter from Hurricane Harvey
As a preventative measure empty Metro buses are lined up in the center lanes
People wait to be evacuated from flood waters from Hurricane Harvey in Dickinson, Texas
A group stops to check out damage to a boat storage facility caused by the effects of Hurricane Harvey
Wilford Martinez, bottom, grabs the median as he is rescued from his flooded car
A stranded motorist escapes floodwaters on Interstate 225 after Hurricane Harvey
Jesus Rodriguez rescues Gloria Garcia after rain from Hurricane Harvey flooded Pearland
A rescue helicopter hovers in the background as an elderly woman and her poodle use an air mattress to float above flood waters
Interstate highway 45 is submerged from the effects of Hurricane Harvey seen during widespread flooding in Houston, Texas

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