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Going, going, gone

The demolition of four chimneys of a former lignite-fired power station south of Berlin
The Gettysburg National Tower falls as demolition charges explode at the Gettysburg National Military Park
People gather to watch the Tripode administrative building during its controlled demolition in Nantes
The demolition of four cooling towers during a controlled detonation in the eastern German town of Boxberg
The demolition of the abandoned Sir John Carling Building in a controlled implosion in Ottawa
The demolition of a former office building of Rockwell Automation by controlled explosions west of Zurich
A brick building being imploded on Governors Island in New York
Cape Town residents watch as the city's landmark Athlone cooling towers are demolished in a 10-second implosion
The demolition of a chimney in the eastern German town of Boxberg
Alvorada Hotel collapses during controlled implosions in Brasilia
The demolition of a five-story building previously used by the Navy Veterans Fund in central Athens
A 22-floor residential building being demolished in Liuzhou, China
The Lishui bridge collapsing during a controlled demolition in Zhangjiajie
The demolition of a chimney in Vienna