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Animals helping out

Seth and Ethan Wiggins (R) read to "Stewart" and "Tyler," cats up for adoption, as part of "The Book Buddies Program"
An elephant removes a fallen tree before continuing its search for the bodies of the tsunami victims
Peruvian Ety Napadenschi (L), who is eight month pregnant, is touched by a dolphin named Wayra during a therapy session
Toby, a 10-year-old capuchin monkey, retrieves a bottle from inside a closed refrigerator for her trainer Alison Payne
An autistic child reacts while sitting on a horse during the Horse Therapy Special Children program
Santisuk, a pig-tailed macaque monkey,  wears a police shirt
A handicapped girl holds a ball to her forehead during a session of equine-assisted therapy
A sea lion named Neron jumps through a ring past a girl affected by a neurobehavioral developmental disorder and her therapist
Thai mahouts ride elephants as they collect money for victims of the Haiti earthquake in Bangkok
Russian rescuer Ilya Zaslavsky and his dog Perets look for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti
Unda, a rescue dog, digs into a hiding place during an avalanche search and rescue drill in Nendaz in the Valais region