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Unlikely Animal Friends stories

A monkey helps a parrot get rid of lice at a wild animal park in Shenzhen
Palma the dog plays with a four-month-old Amur tiger cub (L) and a two-month-old Sumatran tiger cub in the municipal zoo
A one year-old baby Hippotamus gets close to his adopted mother a giant male Aldabran tortoise at Haller Park
Two lion cubs and a dog play in the courtyard of a domestic house in Kharkov
A lion cub caresses a domestic cat as another lion rests in a private house in Kharkov
A Bengal tiger and cougar cubs sit with a german shepherd at a veterinarian's house
A turtle lies on top of an alligators back at the Summit Zoo in Panama
A dog rests on a buffalo near Ravi River in Lahore
A tiger cub climbs over piglets at a park in Guangzhou
A baby monkey, a lion cub and tiger cubs play at the Guaipo Manchurian Tiger Park