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Thailand reports 3 new imported cases of COVID-19

Thailand reports 3 new imported cases of COVID-19
There has been no local transmission in the kingdom for 49 days.
BANGKOK: Thailand reported three new imported cases of COVID-19, one of whom had visited public places in Rayong before he was confirmed positive for the disease, Thai news agency (TNA) reported.

The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) said, the new infections raised the total cases in the country to 3,220.

The death toll remained at 58. The total recovery cases were recorded at 3,090 and 72 coronavirus patients are being treated at hospitals.

There has been no local transmission in the kingdom for 49 days.
All new cases, found infected with COVID-19 included a Thai man, who returned from Kuwait on June 29. He was on the same flight with 10 previously confirmed COVID-19 patients.

Another case was a Thai woman, who was a suspected person under investigation (PUI) during the screening processes on her arrival from Bahrain.
The other case is an Egyptian solider, who left Cairo on July 7 and visited the UAE and Pakistan before arriving in Rayong’s U-Tapao Airport on July 8.

He left for China for a military mission on July 9 before returning to Thailand again on the same day.

He was asymptomatic and left Thailand for his country on July 11. The result of the repeat testing, known on July 12 showed he tested positive to the virus while other 30 crew members in his team tested negative to the virus.

Dr. Taweesin said the crew team left the hotel to some public places including a department store. The disease investigation team is working to identify the places he had visited and persons and the persons, who may have contact with him.

He confirmed that the CCSA did not conceal information about the COVID-19 in the country. - BERNAMA

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