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Neelofa: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Neelofa: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Neelofa - Cashing in on Hijab Cover Up

The reality is this; to have a long shelf life as an artiste in Malaysia is tough, what with the onslaught of newer, younger talents appearing constantly all the time. They say ‘package’ is what you need to have to ensure survival, but we cannot deny the fact that the entertainment industry is simply not big enough to be able to accommodate everyone.


Salvation is there, in the form of entrepreneurship and few have managed to achieve the equilibrium so desired by many; to be a brand as well as to have a brand, independently strong and successful. 

Naelofar, her eponymous brand of hijab that raked in RM50 million in sales in 2016

Enter Neelofa, a name that rings synonymous with women empowerment, success and breaking the glass ceiling for Hijabis.

This 28-year-old workaholic from Kelantan is stirring up a storm both as an entertainer and also as a credible businesswoman. Having her in a TV show or film is a sure-fire route to ignite the Malaysian audience, evident by the fact that Suri Hati Mr. Pilot, a TV series where she played the lead role, is one of the highest rated TV shows in the history of Astro.

And then there’s Naelofar, her eponymous brand of hijab that raked in RM50 million in sales in 2016, and one that shows no signs of slowing down, judging from the huge number of women sporting her hijabs all over the country.

What does it take to reach achieve the kind of results she has enjoyed and all in a relatively short period of time?

Watch the full interview with Syed Farradino Omar as he gets Neelofa to spill the beans

Podcast of the interview: