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Hashtag #Indonesia? Terserah!!! takes Indonesian social media by storm

Hashtag #Indonesia? Terserah!!! takes Indonesian social media by storm
Indonesia Terserah is the top trending hashtag on Indonesian social media now and is a manifestation of disappointment of the attitude of some Indonesians who are neglecting the large-scale social restrictions.
JAKARTA: "#Indonesia? Terserah!!!" ("#Indonesia? It is up to you !!!") is the top trending hashtag on Indonesian social media now and is a manifestation of disappointment of the attitude of some Indonesians who are neglecting the large-scale social restrictions (Indonesian acronym PSBB) in force to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the sprawling country.

The hashtag is believed to have been started by healthcare staff on May 15, which was then taken to heart by netizens, and viralled to take social media by storm.
Indonesia has recorded the highest number of COVID-9 deaths in Southeast Asia, and according to official data provided government spokesman for COVID-19, Achmad Yurianto, as of yesterday, there were 1,391 fatalities while the case tally rose to 22,750.

According to Ikatan Doktor Indonesia (IDI) de facto head, Daeng M. Faqih, as quoted by local media, 25 doctors died in the line of duty after being infected by COVID-19.
Currently, there are only about 6,000 lung specialists in Indonesia and with the uptrend in cases, it is certainly taking a  heavy toll on healthcare workers, who are practically working non-stop since the first case surfaced in the republic on March 2.

The majority of netizens have hit out at those who are still not bothered about the PSBB that has been in force since March 15 to break the chain of transmission of the corona virus.

Singer and musician Iwan Fals in his Instagram had this to say: We must remain strong, we cannot surrender to the situation."

Social media watchers see #Indonesia? Terserah!!", besides being a sarcastic admonishing of those not heeding the PSBB but also as criticism of the government, for not following through enough on it (PSBB).

#Indonesia? Terserah!! also got the attention Central Java governor Ganjar Pranowo who said that he hoped healthcare staff will remain strong and work hard for the people and country.

Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan, meanwhile, in a statement said the majority of the city folk were heeding the PSBB which is due to end on June 4 and might be relaxed if there is a downtrend in the number of positive cases.

"If the cases do not decrease, the PSBB will be extended), what is important is looking after the interest of all and not just ourselves. MayJakarta get back on its feet with the new protocols, socio-economic activities can resume in the new nomal,” he said.

There were no new COVID-19 deaths in Jakarta overnight, and the number of positive cases is also showing a downtrend.

However, it was not all praise, as some social media watchers said that certain viral videos on people not observing the PSBB,  on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were editied with old videos and photographs inserted, among them motorcycle riders stuck in jams which happened during the severe floods that hit the capital early this year.

#Indonesia? Terserah!!" also received flak against healthcare staff with comments like; "Always whining, isn't that what you are paid for. You should be carrying out your duties with sincerity."

The comment is believed to have been posted by a Gojek motorcycle hailing rider, whose livelihood has been severely impacted by the PSBB. In Jakarta alone, more than 2.8 million people have lost their jobs because of the PSBB which limits socio-economic activities while more that 2 million daily wage earners are finding it tough to support their families.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo in a statement issued by the President's Secretariat today said the police and army have been instructed "to discipline society on health protocols” when in public places.

"TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) and Polri (police) pesonnel will be deployed to public hot spots to keep reminding the people to embrace these protocols," said Jokowi. - BERNAMA

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