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Fiziwoo: Classy Clothier Sought by Celebrity

Fiziwoo: Classy Clothier Sought by Celebrity
Fiziwoo: Classy Clothier sought by celebrity

Who’d say no to ‘free’ publicity? When marketing costs can easily account for a sizeable chunk of your annual budget, many companies clamour for the opportunity to gain exposure for their brands with the least amount of cash outflow.

Many, but not all companies.

And Fiziwoo is one of them that dares to buck this trend. The dynamic duo behind the label Fiziwoo - of Hafizi Radzi Woo and Izree Kai Hafiz, believes that by working with A-list celebs who pay for their clothes gives an added layer of credibility to their brand.

It is custom practice for designers to sponsor artistes, especially upcoming ones, with the hopes that their creations get airtime and `ambush-style’ exposure on stage and on the red carpet. Often, the production cost of the outfits is borne by the designers and the stars do not charge for being their clothes horse. Win-win scenario.

So why does this not work for Fiziwoo?

Well, for starters, they believe that working with celebrities that can pay for their outfit, something that usually go up to the thousands of ringgit in materials alone; means that they are working with people who are already established and usually command greater presence at any event.

When a Fiziwoo dress drapes the curvy contours of a star, both the dress and the wearer fall under the focus of the huge limelight.

Second, when the costs are shared between the celeb and the designers, they can make a bigger investment into better quality materials and techniques to work with.

Jacquard with rhinestones instead of just shiny brocade; the finest silks instead of synthetic stuff or Swarovski instead of beads by the kilos. All this leads to a greater impact on the final product, in one fell swoop upping the perceived quality of anything coming out of their atelier in D7 Sentul; separating the wheat from the chaff.

This puts Fiziwoo in the major league of fashion designers in Malaysia. Who wouldn’t want that?

So what else do they do to put prestige on their brand? Watch this interview to find out.