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COVID-19: Singapore reports 25th fatality

COVID-19: Singapore reports 25th fatality
Singapore reported its first COVID-19 death on March 21. File picture/ Reuters
SINGAPORE: Singapore, which recorded 344 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, reported another death due to the virus, bringing the cumulative number of fatalities to 25.

The republic’s Ministry of Health (MOH), in a statement issued here late last night, said the latest death involved a 41-year-old male Chinese national who died on June 4.

Identified as Case 11714, the victim was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 infection on April 22.

According to the ministry, he had recovered from the infection and was discharged on May 17, but collapsed on June 4, and the coroner had certified the cause of death being massive pulmonary thromboembolism, following the SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Singapore reported its first COVID-19 death on March 21.

As of Saturday, 350 more cases of COVID-19 infection were discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities, thus, in all, 24,559 or about 66 per cent from Saturday’s tally of 37,527 have fully recovered.
Currently 308 confirmed cases remain in hospitals with four in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

The ministry said 12,635 cases with mild symptoms, or clinically well, but still tested positive for COVID-19, have been isolated and being cared for at community facilities.


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