Boy drowns while friends take selfies

Boy drowns while friends take selfies
Vishwas' father, Govindappa, his relatives and friends staged a protest outside the college, accusing its staff of negligence resulting in the teenagers death while on an organised trip. - Filepic
BANGALORE: A group of college students met an unfortunate turn of events when one of their colleagues drowned while they were busy taking a selfie photo in Bangalore, India.

The 17-year-old Vishwas G. went camping in a 300-year old temple with his batchmates from a local college.

During the incident on Sunday,  Sumanth A., the student was taking a dip in a pond.
After they finished their swim,  they took a group selfie and left the pond without realising Vishwas was missing.

“One of our friend was going through the pictures we took and realised that Vishwas was drowning. By the time we returned to the pond he was no longer to be seen,” he was quoted as saying in Times of India.

The students immediately informed their lecturer, Professor Girish, the caretaker of the camp.

He then contacted the police and not long after Vishwas’s body was found.

Vishawas' father, Govindappa assured that he would file a complaint alleging that negligence by the National College management in Jayanagar for the death of their son.