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5 reasons why you should know the name Concepcion Picciotto

5 reasons why you should know the name Concepcion Picciotto
One of the most memorable protest signs made by Concepcion was her yellow board with black letters painted on which read: "Live by the Bomb, Die by the Bomb" - AFP pix
Concepcion Picciotto died in Washington D.C., on Monday. She was believed to be 80.

This Spanish national might not be as famous as most international political personalities, but nearly everyone who has been to the White House will know of this inspirational individual.

Concepcion distributed flyers and maintained a peace vigil in front of the White House for the past 30 years.

That’s right. 30 years.
Let’s get to know the late Concepcion, or also fondly known as Connie or Conchita.

1) Concepcion’s first visit to White House was to save her daughter
She married in 1969. 10 years later, her husband and infant daughter both disappeared without a trace. She claimed that this was part of a web of conspiracies involving her husband, doctors, and lawyers. She went to Washington to get help from White House, but to no avail.

2) Protest after protest, from Reagan to Obama

Her peace vigil survived over decades, touching upon many issues of the day. She stood up against the Iran-Contra and Clinton-Lewinsky scandals. She was around during the Gulf War and US missions in Afghanistan, Iran, dan Iraq, in the quest for ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

3) She was homeless

Concepcion lived in a row house which was sold in 2009. She later stayed in a homeless shelter at N Street Village near the White House. “I have to be here, this is my life,” she insisted.

4) Her vigil station was removed by police but was later returned

Concepcion’s health worsened after she was hit by a cab while riding a bicycle in 2012. Her unattended vigil station and signs were removed by police but later returned.

5) Concepcion turned into individual anti-war icon

Concepcion’s vigil shelter became a regular stop for White House tour guides. She also made few cameos in documentary films, including Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

Social media mourns her passing

Social media users expressed condolences over her passing. Under #ConcepcionPicciottto, many shared their sadness and some tweeted photos and memories with the legendary lady: