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Xbox and PlayStation revamps to catch up with mobile and PC innovation

Xbox and PlayStation revamps to catch up with mobile and PC innovation
A much more powerful Xbox One is being planned for 2017, code named "Scorpio"
Microsoft is to unveil a plan that would see the Xbox One undergo not one but two revisions in relatively short succession, say reports.

With PlayStation tipped to produce a "PlayStation 4k," it's clear that console manufacturers are looking to keep up with the pace of innovation in both PC and mobile.

Two new versions of the Xbox One are said to be on their way, according to insider sources speaking ahead of mid-June's 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

It's not been easy going for the Xbox One, after Sony's PlayStation division more correctly judged how to meet and exceed consumer expectations with the popular PlayStation 4.
Now it looks like Xbox has two more ways to win hearts, minds, and wallets.

These moves are not just about catching up to the PlayStation 4, but keeping better pace with the fast pace of innovation on both PC and mobile.
Firstly, a revised version of the 2013 Xbox One is now expected to break cover at E3's Xbox presentation.

It's standard practice to release smaller versions of a games console partway through its five-to-seven-year life cycle as manufacturing and design breakthroughs reduce space requirements and costs, sometimes at the same time.

The PlayStation begat the PS One, the PlayStation 2 the PS2 Slim, and likewise the PlayStation 3 a reduced-size counterpart. The Xbox 360 led to the Xbox 360 S and then the Xbox 360 E.

And so a slimmer Xbox One appears to be on its way, 40 percent smaller and supporting 4k video, according to The Verge. It could also retail at a lower price and sport a roomier 2TB hard drive as standard when it arrives later in 2016. So far, so good.

But it also seems that a much more powerful Xbox One is being planned for 2017, according to Kotaku's sources, as console brands deal with the less desirable side of a five- or seven-year life cycle.

Code named "Scorpio," it would support not just 4k video but also 4k gaming and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, so far the domain of top-end PC, and a detail that would help emphasize an orchestrated convergence between Microsoft's Xbox and Windows 10 realms.

What's more, the Scorpio could significantly outperform a "PlayStation 4.5," says Polygon, the PlayStation 4 upgrade expected to surface later the same day at E3.

Xbox's E3 2016 briefing will take place at 9:30am PDT (4:30pm UTC) on June 13.