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Outdoor gyms

Residents lift weights during a morning exercise
A Ghanaian man lifts weights at a makeshift outdoor gym in Tamale
A Ghanaian man nicknamed "Tiger" lifts weights at a makeshift outdoor gym in the northern city of Tamale
People watch as a man lifts a bar containing 50 kg iron weights with his mouth at an open gym in Lagos
U.S. Marines lift weights in southern Afghanistan's Helmand province
People work out at an outdoor gym on the Avila Mountain in Caracas
A man works out at a makeshift gym in the sprawling Kibera slum near Nairobi
Aspiring boxers Chibata and Gorilla punch a discarded refrigerator during boxing training in Sao Paulo
People train at the Kachalka outdoor gym on the banks of river Dniper in Kiev
Rivas lifts weights on a balcony on the 28th floor of the "Tower of David" skyscraper in Caracas
Men work out using improvised weights with Sugar Loaf Mountain in the background, in Rio de Janeiro