World Cup: Flying header by Robin van Persie

World Cup: Flying header by Robin van Persie
Netherlands' Robin van Persie heads the ball to score during the group B World Cup soccer match between Spain and the Netherlands at the Arena Ponte Nova in Salvador, Brazil, Friday, June 13, 2014. - AP Photo/Christophe Ena
KUALA LUMPUR: Among the discussion which became the talk of the town was the header by Robin van Persie which produced the first goal for Netherlands. There were those who even went as far to say that it was among the best goal in World Cup history.

Van Persie who is also the team captain produced the first and fourth goal for Netherlands and was named ‘Man of the Match’.
The social media was rife with the first goal by van Persie and clearly caught the attention of football fans around the world.

However there were also those who joked and dubbed van Persie as Ron van Dolphin.

Van Persie was the first Dutch to score in every World Cup matches which he joined.

Netherlands beat Spain 5-1 with goals also produced by Arjen Robben and Stefan de Vrij.