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News of Mohd Faiz's success floods social sites

News of Mohd Faiz's success floods social sites
An overwhelmed Mohd Faiz waving at the audience after he received the PUSKAS award in Zurich early Tuesday. - Reuters/Reuben Sprich
KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Faiz Subri's success in winning the 2016 International Football Federation (FIFA) Puskas Award has now become a hot topic among Malaysians, especially in social media.

The news flooded the social media especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram other than congratulatory speeches which hoisted Mohd Faiz as a national hero, as soon as he was announced as the winner of the award for the most beautiful goal in 2016 in a ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland early this morning Malaysian time.
Twitter user @NadiaSaad91 wrote "Thank God, congratulation #FaizSubri wins #PuskasAward, you are indeed a Malaysian hero,".

Another Twitter user @officialRaziq on his part wrote : "First Asian to win #PuskasAward, congratulation Faiz Subri you make Malaysia proud,".
The Penang midfielder won the award via a freekick goal which was regarded as "flouting the rules of physics" when helping Penang to beat Pahang 4-1 in a Super League competition at Bandaraya Stadium, Penang, on Feb 16.

The freekick was quite confusing with the ball initially swerving towards the right corner of the goalmouth when it suddenly changed direction, flustering goalkeeper Nasril Nourdin.

Mohd Faiz' beautiful goal garnered 59.46 per cent votes to beat two other candidates - Johnath Marlone Azevedo da Silva from Brazil (22.86 per cent) and woman player Daniuska Rodriguez of Venezuela (10.01 per cent).

Also congratulating Mohd Faiz for his success was Kedah midfielder, Mohd Syazwan Zainon via his Facebook account.

"Congratulations FAIZ SUBRI..not easy to create a name on par with international players.. but Faiz Subri was successful in making football players like us enthusiastic and proud..Very very proud...Congratulations FAIZ SUBRI for winning the PUSKAS AWARD...," he wrote.

Instagram account owner Razz_razak shared a picture of Mohd Faiz' success in receiving the award by writing "Congratulations Faiz, a true hero born from his own effort, the first winner from Malaysia and ASIA!!, you're an inspiration to our local footballers!,". - BERNAMA