Mother-to-be Ann Osman shares her joy on starting a family

Mother-to-be Ann Osman shares her joy on starting a family
Ann (right) confessed she is already spending a lot of time with her unborn baby. - Instagram pic/annosman
MALAYSIA’s mix martial arts (MMA) queen Ann 'Athena' Osman is excited to start a new chapter in her life.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, a lifelong martial artist, and an inspirational figure to thousands of Malaysians, the Sabahan athlete will soon take the role of a mother. Something, she admitted has left her with mixed emotions.
“I think it’s normal for new parents to be just caught up in a mix of emotions, but for most, we are just grateful to be blessed so soon,” the 32-year-old martial artist described.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant until the seventh week of my pregnancy. At that time, I was busy working for ONE Championship’s Singapore event and assisting with the US media event tour to promote our newly signed ONE stars. I only found out when I returned home.
“I’m due in October this year, and I cannot wait to fulfill my new role.”

Ann is an expert in overcoming hardships with a brave attitude, whether being stacked up against a tougher opponent during her fruitful martial arts career or when presented a difficult task in her role as an entrepreneur.

But even despite her packed working schedule, the Borneo Tribal Squad athlete confessed she is already ‘spending’ a lot of time with her unborn baby.

“It was quite a bumpy first trimester, but I was adamant to continue my routine as long as my body is fine with it,” Ann said.

“After getting clearance from my doctor, I continued my fitness routine and training in the gym. As they say, a happy-healthy mommy makes a happy-healthy baby.”

She added that the decision to start a family came after she realized that her entrepreneur goals were settling in. After all, Ann wants nothing but the best for her family.

“I was still busy with my MMA career after I got married, and after two years plus when both my business and career has settled pretty well, we thought this year would be a perfect time.”

“We are just so grateful that our wishes came true. I am nervous but excited to become a new parent, and hope to provide the best for my child.”