Malaysian superstars credit martial arts for becoming better individuals

Malaysian superstars credit martial arts for becoming better individuals
Malaysias finest ONE Championship athletes say that the sport is more than just what it seems on the surface. - ONE photo
ANY martial arts practitioner would say that the sport is more than just what it seems on the surface.

Besides a chance to test themselves against an opponent who has the same passion and objective, the benefits of the sport are endless, whether it is from a fitness standpoint or on a personal level.

With this topic in mind, Malaysia’s finest ONE Championship athletes answer the question, “What are the values you have picked up along your martial arts journey, which have improved your daily life?”

Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan shared that martial arts taught her the importance of having courage.

Jihin admitted she struggled with courage before setting foot in Ultimate MMA Academy, but after practicing martial arts for almost five years, that problem seems long forgotten.
It didn’t go straight right away too, as many questioned her decision of turning into a professional athlete.

“As time passed by I secured the courage to make the right decisions from wrong. It’s helped me even in my daily life,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Mohammed “Jordan Boy” Mahmoud learned disciplined and hard work through martial arts

The 22-year-old national Muay Thai prospect admitted that as soon as he started immersing himself in "The Art of Eight Lmbs," he imbibed a life with discipline.

“I’d never help my parents or do anything which requires me to break a sweat," he disclosed.
"But after I picked up the sport, I felt more determination, because, without determination, you will never succeed.

“I took home this lesson, and it made me a bit more disciplined."

On the other hand, flyweight contender Gianni Subba cited confidence, discipline and respect as values that made him a better individual.

“Discipline has taken me to where I am, even at my lowest point, it teaches me to do the right from wrong, not only in the cage but in my everyday life,” Subba explained.

“It has thought me to be a good person in life, and there’s just so much more including respecting your peers.”

According to Subba, he struggled with confidence, but training tirelessly to achieve his dream of being a World Champion thought him a valuable lesson.

“Through hard work and consistent work, you gain confidence," he quipped.

“It improved my life as an athlete, and even in my relationships in life. The truth is, it gave me the confidence I never had before.”

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