Hisyam Samsudin's 3 boxing tips for beginners

Hisyam Samsudin's 3 boxing tips for beginners
Samsudin is no stranger in the boxing field, having secured a Malaysian Boxing Championship belt in his career. - Instagram pic/@hisyamsamsudin/ONE
WHETHER it's Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, karate, or a variety of disciplines, one thing is certain - the importance of striking or boxing is indubitable.

Offense is the best defense during most duels, but hitting with technique and precision is important too.

With that in mind, we asked Sabah’s Hisyam “Zephyrs” Samsudin to share three valuable tips with beginners on how to up their striking game.

#1 Focusing on the basics
Samsudin is no stranger in the boxing field, having secured a Malaysian Boxing Championship belt in his career.

And if there is one thing he constantly reminds his students or himself of, it is to perfect the basics.
“There are a variety of ways to throw your fists, which includes hooks, jabs, uppercuts, or a straight right or left. But before jumping into the combinations, try working on the simplest form of punches,” the Ewako MMA athlete said.

“Never attempt an advance technique until you’ve got your basics settled. That’s what my coaches always thought me from day one.”

#2 Getting your cardio right

Training might be one aspect of martial arts, but it could never be done to a full extent without great cardio.

As Samsudin puts it, “Cardio is an important aspect of any sport, especially martial arts. Without good cardio, it’ll be hard to even last a full round.”

“Try getting two sessions done in a day. Usually, I do one in the morning and another in the evening.”

The Malaysian warrior added that owning great cardio also boosts other tools of your martial arts arsenal.

“With great cardio and stamina, you can increase your agility too.”

#3 Enhancing your footwork

First and foremost, find out whether you are more comfortable from the orthodox or southpaw stance.

“Every beginner should be able to find it out almost immediately. Most right-handers naturally compete with an orthodox stance, which means your left leg will be your lead leg,” said Samsudin, who usually switches between stances throughout every appearance at The Home of Martial Arts.

“If you want to switch stances, try to focus on one before trying out the other.”

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