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Amir Khan wants Ev Ting rematch in Kuala Lumpur

Amir Khan wants Ev Ting rematch in Kuala Lumpur
Khan (left), a Singaporean Muay Thai champion, admits that he could have used his attacks more. - ONE Championship pic
KUALA LUMPUR: Singapore’s Amir Khan is prepared to trade leather with Malaysia’s Ev “ET” Ting for the second time.

The Evolve MMA athlete may have earned a split-decision win over his rival from across the border at ONE: EDGE OF GREATNESS on Friday, 22 November, but the manner of his victory dissatisfied the fans who thronged the Singapore Indoor Stadium to support their local hero.
Due to his game plan, both warriors – known for their highlight-reel finishes – did not manage to exhibit what was hyped to be a toe-to-toe duel. On Saturday, ONE Championship Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong announced that the match is under official review as he felt an athlete who runs away with minimal output does not deserve a win.

“When I said I wanted to showcase my striking, I meant that I didn’t want to just go in brawling randomly and trying to get the lucky shot off,” he said.
“I did showcase more of my defensive aspects – I made him miss and he couldn’t really connect on his shots, but yeah, I was not offensive enough.”

Khan, a Singaporean Muay Thai champion, admits that he could have used his attacks more.

“If I was more offensive, I could have finished him in the second or first round. Other than the first round, where I caught him with some elbows and stuff, I definitely could have been more offensive overall.”

The win may have lifted him out of the loss bracket for the first time since September 2018. But he wants to prove a point against Ting.

Khan, like his Auckland MMA foe, has produced some of the most memorable moments in the organization’s history, so the best way to put the argument to bed is for a rematch.

Even if it takes place in Kuala Lumpur in 2020, Khan is game to turn on attack mode against the Malaysian lightweight sensation.

“I didn’t entertain a lot of the fans. Some people think I let them down, so I just want to prove to people who think that I’m just trying to run away from the fight or that I’m scared of him, that it’s not the case. I want the chance to prove myself again,” the 25-year-old said.

“I spoke to [Ting]. I said we can run it back immediately. I will give him the opportunity as it was a super close fight. I think he also didn’t fully showcase what he was capable of [either].”

ONE Championship closes out a remarkable year of action in Kuala Lumpur with ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS at the Axiata Arena on Friday, 6 December.

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