3 best wins from Malaysia's 'Jungle Cat' in ONE Championship

3 best wins from Malaysia's 'Jungle Cat' in ONE Championship
Muhammad Aiman makes his highly-anticipated ONE Championship return at ONE: DAWN OF HEROES on Friday, 2 August. - ONE photo
MUHAMMAD Aiman makes his highly-anticipated ONE Championship return at ONE: DAWN OF HEROES on Friday, 2 August.

The spectacle unfolding at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines will be his first appearance of 2019.

Ahead of what looks to be another highlight-reel performance from the “Jungle Cat” against Indonesia’s “The Terminator” Sunoto, we take a look at some of his biggest wins at the world’s largest martial arts organization.

#1 Upsetting a hometown hero in Shanghai
The battle kicked off in offensive fashion as hometown hero “Rock Man” Chen Lei immediately went in search of that single-leg takedown.

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Chen tried to squeeze through the gaps in Aiman’s defense, but the Malaysian martial artist continued to exhibit grit.

It wasn’t long before Chen engaged a ferocious double-leg takedown, but the lanky bantamweight athlete brilliantly defended his opponent’s attempt at a full mount.

Knowing he had to switch his plan, Aiman returned with his attack mode switched on - landing a perfectly timed flying knee on his counterpart.

But a minute later, “Jungle Cat” showed why he is still one of the most exciting athletes to watch in ONE Championship as he pounced on his opponent’s back for a stunning rear-naked choke at 4:35 of the second round.

#2 First-stoppage win

It was another bout which showcased one of Aiman’s strongest traits – his ability to adapt.

As soon as the bell rang, the Negeri Sembilan native unleashed a flurry of strikes on his Brazilian rival, Eduardo Novaes.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion tried to bring the Bali MMA athlete to the canvas, but Aiman defended well before landing more strikes to defuse his opponent’s plan.

The second round was similar as he walked his opponent to the corner. The athlete switched stances brilliantly before hitting Novaes with a left-right hand combination.

A crushing kick from Aiman sent Novaes to the mat, and Aiman finished it with two hard right hands to bring an end to the contest at 2:50 of the second round.

#3 Striking masterclass in Singapore

The “Jungle Cat” made sure that his Chinese opponent, Yang Fei, was going to be in for a long and grueling night at ONE: IMMORTAL PURSUIT in Singapore.

Aiman accepted the bout on a two-week notice and looked phenomenal from start to finish.

He constantly evaded most of his rival’s strikes before deceiving Yang with his punching combinations and chopping leg kicks. The second round was again filled with excellent striking from the MIMMA Champion, and he continued that momentum until the final bell.

After three rounds, the Malaysian bantamweight standout was declared the winner of the contest.

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