Solutions not rhetorics to remain relevant - Khairy

Solutions not rhetorics to remain relevant - Khairy
Khairy said that the nation is presently faced with competitive political environment and that youths have diferent interests, views to fight for various issues. - File Photo
PETALING JAYA: Pemuda Umno can no longer depend on its vocal power to remain relevant, but on how far it is capable of solving the problems faced by the youth.

Pemuda Umno chief Khairy Jamaluddin said the party would merely be regarded as capable of being rhetoric if it could not tackle issues affecting youths such as employment opportunities, urban home ownership and high living costs.
"Today we are living in a competitive political environment; the youths have different interests, views - they are fighting for various issues.

"Not all are interested in politics. How do we get ideas that would gain their interest," he said at a forum, Evolusi Politik Anak Muda Malaysia - Dulu, Kini dan Akan Datang, here today.

Khairy who is also Youth and Sports Minister, said Pemuda Umno was constantly seeking ways to assist the youth through proposing several resolutions to the government.

Nevertheless, he said although Pemuda Umno was committed to satisfying the demands of the youth in order to remain relevant, it did not mean that the movement would sideline Umno's struggle in defending religion, race and country.