PPBM founding member quits party

PPBM founding member quits party
Kamarulazman Habibur Rahman today announced that he is quitting the party citing disappointment with the party's direction. -Astro AWANI
KUALA LUMPUR: One of the founders of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), Kamarulazman Habibur Rahman, today announced that he is quitting the party citing disappointment with the party’s direction.

Kamarulazman, who is also the party’s supreme council member, said he is resigning from all his posts.

“I hereby announce that I’m letting go of my post as Telok Kemang PPBM division chief. I am also rejecting an offer for me to be the party liaison chairman for Negeri Sembilan, besides offering my resignation as PPBM secretary and supreme council member.

“And the one I think will surprise many is my resignation as a member of PPBM,” he said at a press conference, here.
Kamarulazman also cautioned that some 821 PPBM members throughout the country will follow his steps by exiting the party as well.

Kamarulazman said the party has been facing a lot of internal problems ever since a few individuals who were chasing after posts in the party joined.

“It is not that I am disappointed because I did not get any posts. I have a lot of posts. But I am just disappointed that whatever we championed for from the beginning have been damaged by some individuals who want to keep the position in the party, not to win the elections.

“When the party was founded, it was not like that. Our fight since the early days is to lead Malaysia towards excellence.

He said, it seems that PPBM’s priority now is on contacts connected to the president, deputy president and secretary general of the party.

He also said that individuals who have been the driving force in the party since the early days and had spent money and energy on it, are now being pushed aside.

PPBM became an official political party in September last year with former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad helming it as its chairman.