Malays will become "bangsat" if UMNO loses power - Najib

Malays will become "bangsat" if UMNO loses power - Najib
Najib speaking at the delegates meetings of the Padang Besar, Kangar and Arau UMNO divisions here today. - BERNAMApic
KANGAR: Malays will become "bangsat" (destitute) if UMNO loses power, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The UMNO president said as such, UMNO members must defend the party which helms the leadership of the country.

"I have asked before, if UMNO loses power what will happen to the Malays and Islam?

"In the many words in the Kamus Dewan Bahasa dictionary, some said Malays will fall head first, Malays will fall by the wayside and others said Malays will never be a force again," he said when opening the delegates meetings of the Padang Besar, Kangar and Arau UMNO divisions at Dewan Wawasan 2020 here today.
Commenting further, Najib said he picked the word because no other words could depict the situation of the Malays who would be hard-pressed if UMNO lost its power.

"I choose this word... because no other words can better depict the lot of the Malays if UMNO loses power. They will be very hard-pressed, lose everything, their dignity and future (if UMNO loses power)," he said.

As such, he said all problems in the party must be solved to ensure UMNO stayed in power.

Najib's speech in Kangar

"Find a solution if there is a problem, whether at the national or state level, don't tell me there is no solution," he said.

He said the party had gone through a myriad of ordeals and problems and they were all successfully solved.

"The founder of UMNO left UMNO and set up another party, the religious bureau left and set up PAS, UMNO was banned, UMNO president was challenged and won by  only 41 votes, the 1997 financial crisis, Confrontation, communists and many more...but we successfully emerged from the crises," he said.

Najib said there was no reason why UMNO could not remain as the ruling party with unity in the party.

"As a party, we cross the broad ocean, often turbulent, and sometimes lashed by storm.

"The UMNO ship is actually strong and has been tested for so long and has changed the political, economical and social landscape to the extent that the world regards Malaysia as a model and successful nation," he added.