Don't underestimate voters' knowledge, Tok Mat

Don't underestimate voters' knowledge, Tok Mat
The Rantau by-election that will happen soon cans bigger political advantages for the ex-chief minister of Negeri Sembilan. - Filepic/Astro AWANI
TO be frank, the Rantau by-election that will happen soon cans bigger political advantages for the ex-chief minister of Nogoie (Negeri Sembilan), who will be defending his state seat, the hometown that he wishes to die at.

I have never argued and denied that Tok Mat was once a credible state minister under the political brand of Barisan Nasional.

In fact, from my eyes, he was even fit to be a federal minister if Najib Abdul Razak, phenomenally known "Bossku", appointed him to be one.

Time flies, and Tok Mat, who was not a prominent national politician before, is now a "loveable" political leader that keeps garnering ardent fans around the country after being deputy president of a Malay party that was ejected from the political power on May 9 last year.

His philosophical words in his speeches could attract people, regardless of their political flags, to listen to what the acting top boss of UMNO has to say. His analogies and metaphors could be things to ponder.
But his recent statement of "Rantau voters don't care about 1MDB – Is that a kind of onion or potato?" is, to me, unacceptable and undermining people's knowledge of understanding political issues that had reflected their political supports in the 14th general election.

As one of thousands of voters who will vote in the Rantau by-election, I feel unhappy to know the fact that the statement was verbalised by one of the potential leaders whom I believe can succeed prime minister's seat in the future.

As a candidate and also a top leader of the opposition bloc, Tok Mat has to closely capture the voices of the people, especially intellectual young voters, that deciphered their frustrations against the previous regime in the ballot boxes in the last general election.

Eventhough Rantau is not a city or an urban place like TTDI, but it doesn't mean that its people are not cognisant and knowledgeable of every political scenario that happens.

Who knows, Rantau voters are actually aware of Brexit, political tensions in Venezuela and even issue of veiled report of Council of Eminent Persons (CEP).

But fortunately, not everything said by Tok Mat in the interview didn't make sense. The people's top concern over the rising cost of living as Tok Mat added in the statement is definitely true and not fictional.

Cost of living has been a bolded national issue that must not be left unsolved by Pakatan Harapan. They can't be in denial that people are now waiting for their instant actions to improve the people's economy.

I greatly believe that Rantau voters, after the GE14, are up-to-date on every single important issue, including political leadership and even idea of creating flying cars, that could highly reflect their decision to vote.

This is a just a friendly reminder to the leader that people of Rantau adore, Mat Hasan.

Despite of it, I would preach my childhood friends and whoever I closely know, who are Rantau voters, to go back to vote on the election day to make sure Tok Mat will be re-elected as the people's representative.

Tok Mat's presence is needed as an opposition leader in the Negeri Sembilan's state assembly to concretely oppose faults and discrepancies that have been and might be done by the state government.

To end this article, here is a piece of my own thought—A great leader doesn't underestimate people's knowledge and ability to understand what's actually happening in the world. He or she, in fact, must be worried of their silent brilliance in sensing what is right and wrong in the world of politics.

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