Nurul Izzah: Evolve and challenge yourself

Nurul Izzah: Evolve and challenge yourself
KUALA LUMPUR: “You cannot be stuck in the past, you learn from it. Reform is the only way for us to proceed. How else are we supposed to evolve? Just like Radiohead. They evolve and they challenge themselves.”

That is how Radiohead, an English rock band influence the Lembah Pantai PKR candidate, Nurul Izzah, adding that ‘Paranoid Android’ is her favourite song by the band.

As the MP in Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah saw one of the main problems in the area - the limited parking space for the residents.

“It’s difficult for them to find parking space here. Some have to park at other blocks, just as long as they can find a space and this leads to the possibility of being a crime victim.

“Especially for the women who work late at night, it is dangerous for them. The only way to solve this issue is to have multilevel parking space,” said Nurul Izzah.
Nurul Izzah said, if Pakatan Rakyat were to be given the mandate to rule the country in this upcoming election, she would make sure the people in Lembah Pantai wouldn’t have to worry about parking spaces anymore.

Apart from that, Nurul Izzah said she believes that women should be encouraged to go back to work.

“Women are very important in Malaysia and we should start addressing to their need. The main issues for women here I think is the flexibility of working hours and childcare centres.

“Especially for working mothers, where should they leave their children? They have to go to childcare centres that have no permits and approval. They are already facing a danger here,” said Izzah.

Nurul Izzah is the MP for Lembah Pantai under the auspices of the People's Justice Party (PKR). She won the 12th General Election on March 8, 2008, defeating Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abd. Jalil.

However, for this upcoming 13th General Election, she will be facing Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin as her opponent in the Lembah Pantai Parliamentary seat.

She has worked with a number of agencies and institutes on advocacy work, among them are Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), Women Leaders International Forum (WLIF) Friedrich-Ebert Stifung (FES).

She has in the past advocated on behalf of Malaysian political prisoners and Malaysian human rights movements at the international level, most noted being an intervention in the main session at the 55th Commission on Human Rights, Geneva.

She is married to Raja Ahmad Shahrir and they have two children, Raja Nur Safiyah and Raja Harith.

There are approximately 72,396 voters for the upcoming 13th General Election in Lembah Pantai with 52% of them are Malays, followed by the Chinese at 26% and Indians at 21%.

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