The Malays and the magical amulet

The Malays and the magical amulet
As a Malay himself, Zan Azlee observes that the community seems to need constant protection. And so he has come up with his 'magical amulet' theory.
Malay Muslims in Malaysia are a lucky lot because they have an added layer of protection to help them preserve their faith, culture and tradition in this country.

They have the all-powerful Sedition Act which seems to be like a magical amulet (tangkal). Once you put it on your body, it will form an invisible shield that will protect you from danger.

This will definitely make the lives of Malay Muslims so much easier because it is one less problem that they need to worry about in their heads.

Malay Muslims wouldn’t have to waste time on trying to pursue a proper education and to have a good understanding of their religion to strengthen their faith.

Let the other Muslims around the world suffer and work hard to learn and gain knowledge. They need that struggle to remain Muslims, unlike the Malay Muslims in Malaysia.

While other Muslims around the world have to think and analyse things that happen around them in order to make sense of it all and see the relevance of their lives, Malay Muslims don’t need to.
Malay Muslims don’t need to waste any brain cells because thinking would be too much of a hassle. Their magical Sedition Act can help them preserve their brains from too much usage.

It also means that they don’t need to waste time doing unnecessary thinking. They have their magical Sedition Act to free up their time so they can do other things like, err… not thinking?

It is also important to note that the Malay Muslims in Malaysia are protected by the magical Sedition Act from apparently ‘falling apart’, of which I am not too clear on.

One possibility could be that the Malay Muslims are held together by only skin, muscles and bones. Hence they need to be held together because that combination could be too fragile.

But that is too absurd. Every other human being in the world is also held together by skin, muscles and bones. And they don’t need any magical spell to hold them together.

The more plausible reason could be that it saves Malay Muslims from putting in any effort in having to prove themselves able to do anything.

In other places around the world, people need to show that they have abilities, skills and the qualifications to do things properly so that they would be trusted by others.

This is something that is very tiring and actually involves putting in effort to achieve. And with the magical Sedition Act, the Malay Muslims don’t have to suffer through this. They can just be!

Another function of the magical Sedition Act is that it can ensure that no ‘trouble and chaos’ will ensue at any time due to miscommunication, misunderstanding and misinformation.

For many other societies around the world, the problems of all these mis-ses are usually solved by dialogue, discussion and discourse. But of course, all these require effort.

Why do we need the effort when you can, err… avoid the effort? With the magical Sedition Act, all miscommunication, misunderstanding and misinformation can be eliminated just like that.

And what does ‘like that’ mean? It means that anything can cause the problems will just disappear. How does it disappear and where does it disappear to? Don’t ask. It’s magical!

So we Malay Muslims in Malaysia should really be thankful for what has been given to us over the generations to protect us and the generations to come.

As we all know, once a magical amulet (tangkal) is put in it’s place, we shouldn’t mess with it anymore. It has been put there for our own good and we really don’t need to understand why.