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A teacher's surprise

A teacher's surprise
Suhaimi Sulaiman with his former teacher Goh Suan Poi
KUALA LUMPUR: Teachers’ Day on 16 May this year was out of the ordinary for Astro Awani Editor in Chief, Suhaimi Sulaiman, a notable Malay College Kuala Kangsar alumni with his former English teacher, Goh Suan Poi.

The last time Suhaimi met his favourite teacher was on the last day before he left the school 35 years ago.
The two were reunited, after Goh agreed to come to Kuala Lumpur to give him a surprise on the set of the Agenda Awani studio for a live telecast which formed the highlight of its Teachers’ Day celebration coverage.

Ever the thoughtful and concerned teacher, Goh dropped by a fruit stall in Tambun, Ipoh to pick up four luscious pomelos, which happened to be Suhaimi’s favourite fruit.
She must have thought that it would make for an appropriate fruity present for her star pupil - all those years ago - on the second day of his 52nd birthday, which was celebrated with great gusto by the whole Awani office the day before.

“We kept in touch on Facebook. She always gives me words of encouragement and provides feedback on Astro Awani’s output,” said Suhaimi referring to Goh who was a great mentor to the school’s debating  team of which he was a key member.

“Until now I still receive lots of advice from her.”

“I just want to tell the world it was not easy to teach a class of very cheeky teenangers of Malay College, you managed them, you managed to transform them to come on in life, make something of themselves and be a power of good unto others,” said Suhaimi during the live interview at Awani.

“One thing I liked about you was your story-telling, that is why I am in the media (industry), we are storytellers. One way you controlled the class was by telling stories and the way you weaved in the subject in the syllabus. We learnt from that and we enjoyed your class, thank you so much.” he added.

“Every time I watched Astro and I see your happy face, (I would say) that’s my student, Suhaimi Sulaiman,” said Goh.

Goh,62, used to teach in Malay College Kuala Kangsar. Later she was posted to SMK Raja Chulan and St. Michael Institute, both in Ipoh.

She retired as a teacher at the age of 50, and later studied law. She is now a practising lawyer, residing in Ipoh with her family.

“Yes I am a lawyer now but I do miss teaching and being a teacher. I think having students remembering you long after, who later become your life-long friend after a while. It is very rewarding, it has nothing to do with pecuniary gain.”

“The reward in becoming a teacher is to see the boy you nurtured to be the man Suhaimi has become," she added.