MH370: Aviation photographers pay tribute to missing plane

KUALA LUMPUR: The disappearance of MH370 has affected many people around the world.

Among them, are a group of aviation photographers who contributed photographs of the plane taken during the time it was in service, as a tribute.

The photos of 9M-MRO, the aircraft used for Malaysian Airlines MH370, were taken from various airports around the world.

Documentary film maker and founder of Raisch Studios, Michael Raisch said the project is produced as a non-profit tribute to everyone affected by the tragic incident.
“The response from the Malaysian people has been incredible. Five days into my tribute piece, it has gone worldwide and picked up by almost every country.”

“This is challenging for people. They are struggling with the idea that a huge wide body airliner can just disappear. It’s really hard to understand,” Raisch told Astro AWANI through a Skype interview.

The tribute piece comprised photos taken of MH370 since October 5, 2004 at Vienna, Australia during the plane’s takeoff, to its last image captured on February 28, 2014 when it landed in Los Angeles, United States.
“This is so unresolved and intangible that the plane is gone. Somehow through my work, I stitch it all back together. A lot of the work that I’m interested in doing involves commemorating things or events,” Raisch said.

The pictorial tribute received positive response worldwide since it was uploaded on to the web on March 27, 2014.