“Come to KL? Because I have a house here. And, the salary here is much bigger!”

Ahmad Azlan Azizan, 27

"There have been shootouts. But never a hit. They run, those communists. They're used to the jungle."

Alias Ashaari, 76

"We are friends with everyone. We go to the surau, we go for karaoke, and even poco-poco! So we're friends with those at the surau and at poco-poco."

Aminah Mohd. Sharif, 62

"My father is quite open about it. If I'm passionate about doing business, I can use whatever he knows to my advantage. If not, I am free to do what I choose."

Darren Teh, 18

“I’m already 60 years old. So I just relax. My children help me. I come, go to the shop to buy things for the stall and that’s it. I just relax after that.”

Hamid Mohd. Hussen, 60

"The joy of cooking is to satisfy people's taste. Their taste, their wants, we give it to them."

Hj. Md. Hairi Monel, 52

"Basically, I prefer doing thinks logically. I'm not more towards the creative part. Its more my kind of thing. Not really the arts side, drawing, creating."

Marcus Lee, 18

"I have an ambition to be a Nobel Prize winner someday."

Muhammad Rifaat Abu Razak, 20

“It was difficult when I was studying English. And expensive! To fork out money for tuition classes was too expensive. So when they say they can’t afford it, I’ll teach them.”

Maisarah Atan, 27

"I am majoring in geological engineering. I am influenced by my brother. He inspires me a lot because this is his ambition, actually. And he didn't make it."

Russidy Lovero Sidin, 22

"Happiness to me is with family. I have a family, wife and children. My children are all growing up. We need to search for happiness."

Saad Mahmud, 52

"Sports is an activity where you have to communicate with each other, and with teamwork, to solve problems."

Nicholas Loi, 18

“If we look at the Gen Y now, they want more information. And information is always at their finger tips.”

Wan Zalmi Wan Othman, 39

"I was under a car. I prayed loudly. God, am I still alive? I opened my eyes and thanked God. I prayed even louder. Then, people came to my rescue."

Yasman Pakih, 56

"When a patient comes in pain and we treat them, they will feel happy. And we will feel happy!"

Dr. Juliana Johari, 33

“A place to live, food. We want nice food, go to nice restaurants. We also want our children to go to good schools. Right?”

Tom Yeoh, 38

“When you are in Kuching, you eat the kolok mee, laksa, kuih cap. At Petaling Street, you eat the hokkien mee and porridge. It’s nice!”

Beatrice Chai, 20

“Computer games can improve our decision making and it makes us better people. When you are making decisions better, you are making better decisions. Then you are better!”

Too Seng Zhao, 19

“We have water here and we get fresh water frequently. The poor people there (India) don’t even get water. It’s something we take for granted but is so important for them.”

Jessica Liew, 22

“I see dead bodies as if they are still alive. I was taught that even if they are dead, you have to respect them.”

Jayashini Vasanthan, 23


Our individual stories are all different and unique. But at the heart of it, our happiness is all the same.