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Reaction as former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib and his wife leave court

The wife of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najjib Razak pleaded not guilty Thursday to laundering illegal proceeds linked to the graft scandal at the 1MDB state investment fund that led to her husband's shocking electoral loss. Rosmah Mansor was charged with 12 counts of receiving proceeds from unlawful activities totaling nearly 7.1 million ringgit (1.7 million US dollars) in her bank account between 2013 and 2017. Another five counts against her allege she failed to declare taxes on the money she received. Rosmah, who had smiled and waved at reporters as she arrived at the court building, claimed trial and will be released on bail. The court will fix the trial date later. She had been arrested by the anti-graft agency Wednesday after being questioned a third time over alleged theft and money laundering at the fund. If convicted, Rosmah would face between five and 15 years in prison and possible fines for each charge. Her husband Najib also appeared in court Thursday for the management of his own trial over the 1MDB scandal. He has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of money laundering, corruption, abuse of power and criminal breach of trust and is to face trial next year. Razak's legal team, Shafee Abdullah, is in high spirits that they will be able to defend the case. While, Rosmah's legal team, Geethan Ram Vincent, said it is a good opportunity for his client to come forward and clear her name. The next hearing for Razak would be on October 31, while Nov 8 for Mansor.