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GREAT 2014: Turbocharge ReGEN with BRAND GEEKS

What is branding? Why is branding important to the success of a business? How does Brand Geeks help businesses generate good brand presence? Astro AWANI's Cherish Leow speaks to Silmyi Sadek (Chief Geek) and Manisah Sarujee (Geek-in-Command) of Brand Geeks at GREAT 2014. GREAT 2014 is an initiative by the Ministry of Finance and National Strategy Unit; Co-host by Cyberview Sdn. Bhd. and MaGIC. This video is filmed using iPhone5 and edited by Astro AWANI's producer, Cherish Leow. Stay tuned to exclusive TV and Web Content about GREAT 2014 on Astro AWANI.