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Ceritalah Indonesia - Ambon: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

Karim heads to the stunning east Indonesian island of Ambon, part of the Maluku chain. Once a vital part of the Spice Islands: Ambon is truly representative of Indonesia?s motto ?bhinneka Tunngal Ika?, or ?unity in diversity.? Tragically, the pristine Maluku islands wa the scene of bloody slaughter when Christians and Muslims engaged in violence against each other from 1999-2002. Karim meets with the victims of those troubled times, including IbuSarah a Christian woman and Pak Salim, a Muslim fisherman. Karim also meets with two Ambonese youths: Wesley and Frans, who grew up in the backdrop of violence and division. Still, these young men are seeking to heal the divide in their island through the power of art.