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Photo of The Week: 25 December 2014

Syrian children look on as they wait for treatment following a reported air stike
Traditional Bavarian attire made of plastic hang on a laundry line on the outskirts of Maierhoefen
A couple of Russian Army helicopters fly over the Monument to Scuttled Ships
A woman crosses a street decorated with New Year and Christmas illumination in the center of Moscow
The illuminated cable-stayed Ada Bridge is seen over the Sava river seen through naked branches in Belgrade
A child from from Dofteana, northern Romania wearing a bear fur, lies on an office building's steps
Indian school children observe two-minutes of silence and make a human chain to pray
A floral memorial continues to grow in Martin Place near the Lindt Chocolate cafe in Sydney, Australia, 17 December 2014
A young Romanian woman kisses the candle she just lit in memory of those who died during the 1989 anti-communist uprising
Swiss artist Kris Kremo performs during the 30th edition of the Wereldkerstcircus (World Christmas Circus) in the Carre Theater
A replica of the casino is seen along the Promenade jetty, as part of the Christmas holiday illuminations in Nice
High-rise window cleaners dressed in a horse (L) and a sheep (R) costumes from the 12 animals represented in the Chinese zodiac
Pemain Malaysia, Indra Putra Mahayuddin meraikan gol kedua pada separuh masa pertama
A paper panda wearing a Santa Claus hat is displayed in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad building

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