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Black 505 rally

Bukit Katil MP Shamsul Iskandar Akin in action
Scene from Sogo
Waiting in Brickfields
Waiting for Nurul Izzah
Scene from Brickfields
Adam Adli is ready
Let's get it started
Sogo at 2.30pm
Calm crowd
Action from Jalan Petaling
Marching to Padang Merbok
All revved up
Masks for sale
Scene from Padang Merbok
Truck loads of supporters
Activists joined Black505
Massive traffic congestion due to Black505
Police officers keeping watch
Participants moving to Pasar Seni
Aborigines from Tapah took part in Black505
View  of KL Tower on Black505 Rally day
Less than 10k people showed up
Tian Chua smiling for Astro AWANI
DSAI giving speech at Padang Merbok