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YouTube Week celebrates local content creators

YouTube Week celebrates local content creators
YouTube Malaysia is constantly helping local creators create better content for global appeal.
KUALA LUMPUR: Popular video sharing network YouTube held the first ever YouTube week in Malaysia.

Part of the celebration is the YouTube creator workshop, which is part of its ongoing efforts to develop and improve the content produced by local creators.

The workshop is an opportunity for Malaysian YouTubers to learn from more successful local and international content creators.
"We always have these workshops at least quarterly.

"It is really meant to propel the channels that are already gaining attraction to the next level. That's the reason for the YouTube workshops," said Google Malaysia's corporate and communications chief Zeffri Yusof.

Local YouTubers say they have benefited immensely from the creator workshop.

Despite already amassing a huge following in Malaysia, these personalities still believe there are always room for improvements.