Younger women needed in Wanita Umno leadership - Rafidah

Younger women needed in Wanita Umno leadership - Rafidah
KUALA LUMPUR: Former Wanita Umno chief Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has urged younger members of the movement from early 40s to vie for top posts in the movement at the party's general assembly in October.

She challenged Wanita Umno younger members with potentials from the grassroots level to join the fray.

"If you can work, if you have the resolve to serve, but a bit sceptical, I hope you come forward. Wanita Umno should consider them for top posts," she said when contacted today.
Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has indicated that she might defend her his post while the vice-chief post is vacant after Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim, who held the office, was sacked from Umno for contesting as an Independent in Kuala Kangsar in the just concluded 13th general election.

Rafidah said Wanita Umno should give the opportunity to younger members who were acceptable to the movement as well as to other races to hold top posts.

"Wanita Umno leaders are also Wanita BN leaders. Hence, choose those with capability and acceptable to all races so that the movement will not only stay relevant, but also respected by all," she said.

Universiti Utara Malaysia's College of Law, Government and International Studies lecturer Mohamad Faisol Keling said Wanita Umno younger members should be given the opportunity to hold top posts in an effort to rejuvenate the movement and to stay relevant in the changing political landscape.

"Wanita Umno needs to address its weaknesses if it wants to reinforce itself. It has to look within the organisation itself, apart from taking external factors into account.

"Younger members should fill key positions to enable Wanita Umno to stay relevant in the current political scenario as well as to help drive its transformation process," he said.

Political analyst Prof Dr Ramlah Adam said the participation of women in the new Cabinet should take into account that women made up more than half of the country's population.