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'Women like property': Ku Nan says 'sorry if you were offended'

'Women like property': Ku Nan says 'sorry if you were offended'
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor today said that he apologised if women felt hurt over his remarks that compared the fairer sex with property, but stressed that he was misunderstood.

“Some of the reporters spin it in a different way, I meant it in a different way,” he told reporters at the sidelines of the MCA's 60th Annual General Assembly here today.

"Of course (I respect women). I've got six female children."

"If Wanita felt offended, I can say sorry. I can apologise but I didn't mean what has spun (in the media)."
He explained that he "likened" wanita without make-up, stressing he did not "equate" them to property.

Yesterday, Outgoing MCA Wanita chief Yu Chok Tow demanded for Tengku Adnan to apologise over his off-colour remarks comparing women to property.

Yu accused Tengku Adnan's statement of being superficial and belittling to women.

"These superficial views are too belittling of women. A woman's value lies in her substance, being cultivated, talent, and ability, not makeup.

"We want him to correct his statements. We believe all women would oppose them.

"We, women, are not products nor property. Such comparisons are inappropriate," she told reporters.

Tengku Adnan, in his capacity as the federal territories minister, had previously compared women to property in justifying the varying assessment rate hike for Kuala Lumpur properties.

"If you enhance your property, it is the same as women. If you don't wear make-up, the price is cheaper, right?

"If you wear make-up, it is pricier. Isn't it the same?" he reportedly said.