"Why should I resign? HINDRAF must be out of their mind!" -Saravanan

"Why should I resign? HINDRAF must be out of their mind!" -Saravanan
KUALA LUMPUR: "Why is HINDRAF asking me to resign? Why should I resign? HINDRAF must be out of their mind!"

This was the reaction of deputy Youth and Sports minister Datuk M. Saravanan when told about HINDRAF's challenge to him to resign his Cabinet post.

Saravanan said it is unfair to ask him to resign when HINDRAF chairman P. Waytha Moorthy was the one who signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to put to paper the government’s commitment in uplifting the Indian community.

"He was the one who signed the MoU. He did not request for me or other MIC members to join him to sign in.
"Now, suddenly, he resigned from his government posts and HINDRAF wants me to do the same? HINDRAF must be out of their mind," he told Astro AWANI.

Saravanan said, as far as he is concerned, Najib is keeping his promise to the Indian community.

"We are on the right track. For Waytha Moorthy's kind information, transformation cannot be done overnight. It takes time," Saravanan said.

Waytha Moorthy resigned from his position as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department yesterday, quoting the government’s failure to keep its promises made under the MoU as the reason for his resignation.
Following this, HINDRAF in a statement challenged MIC Deputy President Datuk S. Subramaniam and MIC Vice President, Saravanan to resign.

HINDRAF Deputy Chairman W. Sambulingam said the government has failed the Indian community with regards to the matriculation and university issue for the year 2014.

"Year in year out we know the Indian community suffers from education rights violation as the government short changes the community.

"We now challenge Subramaniam and Saravanan to openly say they would resign if Najib does not fulfill his promises. Would both the MIC leaders dare say that? We know they won’t have the guts to resign let alone raise the matter with the government in a concrete manner," he said.

Sambulingam also critised the duo for commenting on Waytha Moorthy's resignation.

"Both the MIC leaders should keep their mouth shut on the resignation of Waytha Moorthy. HINDRAF is a principled organisation that keeps to its word. The marginalised Indian community knows what we are doing.

"MIC should mind their own business and not interfere in our affairs," he said.