Website not hacked, says Google

Website not hacked, says Google
KUALA LUMPUR: Google denies its website has been hacked after a search for “Sabah” resulted in a page calling the state as “illegitimate.”

Astro AWANI contacted Google for an explanation and a spokesperson said, "These Knowledge Panel results come from our Knowledge Graph, which is an index of hundreds of millions of real-world entities including open sources like Wikipedia. When a user searches for a query, our algorithm takes information from the Knowledge Graph and presents it in the panel."
"We want to make sure the information we provide is as accurate as possible, so we’ve included a link so you can tell us when we may have an inaccuracy in our information."

The company’s engineers are looking into the matter immediately but cited that information provided in the search page are from open source like Wikipedia and certain parties could have changed certain information.
Earlier today, AFP reported that Google’s website has been hacked over the Malaysia-Filipino standoff.

“Supporters of an armed bid by Filipino intruders to lay claim to a Malaysian state took their campaign to cyberspace on Monday, manipulating Google search listings to show a message backing the incursion,” as quoted by AFP.