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Vaccines halal, do not contain swine DNA - Dr Hilmi

Vaccines halal, do not contain swine DNA - Dr Hilmi
Dr Hilmi says many parents obtain misleading information from the Internet on vaccination.
BALIK PULAU: As vaccines are halal, the Health Ministry will consider holding a talk with the National Fatwa Council to come up with a fatwa on vaccination, Health Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya said.

"I want to give an assurance that all our vaccines are halal and there is no such thing as swine DNA in it.

"Vaccination should be a must for everyone as it prevents people from getting infected with deadly diseases," he told reporters after presenting Aidilfitri aid to 800 people at the SMK Seri Balik Pulau here today.

He said many parents obtained misleading information from the Internet on vaccination which stated vaccines were not halal as there were rumours it contained swine DNA.
Therefore, he urged parents not to follow 'Dr Google' blindly, instead of (adhering to) the expert advice on vaccination.

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Dr Hilmi said the number of young parents refusing to vaccinate their children was on the increase as they trusted 'Dr Google' more – although they had no idea what they were reading.

"The number of those refusing vaccination for their children is increasing yearly and this is an act of crime towards children," he added.

Dr Hilmi said the ministry supported efforts to deny enrolment of pre-schoolers if the children were not vaccinated.

He said vaccination was done only once in a lifetime and it was free of charge under the ministry.

Recently, two children from Malacca and Kedah succumbed to diphtheria, an infectious disease that could have been prevented by vaccination.