Two dirty restaurants in Bangsar closed

Two dirty restaurants in Bangsar closed
A Google Street View of the Jalan Telawi commercial area in Bangsar.
KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Lumpur City Hall has closed two restaurants in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, for being dirty and infested with cockroaches.

The closure order for two weeks was issued by City Hall's Department of Health and Environment following a surprise inspection of about 50 food premises last night.

Deputy director of Environmental Health Division, P. Chandarakant said the two restaurants did not meet hygiene requirements.
"They can reopen for business after cleaning up the premises. A total of 22 compounds were issued on 48 premises for offences such as failure to send workers for typhoid injection and failure to show proof.

"They should possess document as proof because we always check whether the workers have been given injection (typhoid) or not.

"Typhoid injection must be taken every three years and failure to do so will result in the issue of compound," he added.

A total of 23,632 food operators in Kuala Lumpur have taken typhoid injection up to August this year.

Some 656 food premises were ordered closed for being dirty while a total of 1,296 compounds were issued.

The closure order was made under the Food Establishment Licensing By-law (WPKL) 1985. -- Bernama