Three dead in Cameron Highlands mud flood

Three dead in Cameron Highlands mud flood
KUALA LUMPUR: Three people have died after the Bertam banks burst this morning when water was released from the Sultan Abu Bakar Dam in Ringlet.

According to a Bernama report, quoting Cameron Highlands police chief DSP Mohd Zahari Wan Busu, 51-year-old Tan Tuck Choi suffered a heart attack and died enroute to the Sultanah Kalsom Hospital.

The other two deceased were identified as Bangladeshi national Jahanjir, in his 30s, and an Indonesian woman, Kesmat, 46, who drowned in the incident.
Cameron Highlands fire and rescue operation deputy director, Wan Naznis Wan Ismail told Astro AWANI that both of them were swept away by the water.

Jahanjir's body was found in a house while Kesmat's was located under a collapsed unit.

Another victim, 17-year-old Indonesian girl Jarwati, has been reported missing after being swept off by strong currents.

The incident, which took place after midnight in Kampung Lembah Bertam, apparently sank some 100 cars while 80 houses in Kampung Lembah Bertam were affected.

Water from the dam in Ringlet had to be released to prevent the dam from bursting, following continuous heavy rains since 7pm yesterday.

The first release of the water was made at midnight, followed by 1am and 2.45am which caused the Bertam River to burst its banks and cause the mud flood.