Three bodies found in Sungai Muar, five still missing

Three bodies found in Sungai Muar, five still missing
SEGAMAT: The bodies of three teenage boys reported to have drowned at Sungai Muar in Buluh Kasap town have been found.

Hafizul Daniel Norhashim, 16, was found around 3.30pm while the body of Mohd Zikri Zaidi, 14, was found 11 minutes later.

The third body is however, still being identified at the time of reporting.

However, five other teenage boys identified as Mohd Zaki Zaidi, 16, Mohd Izoan Hakimis Amin, 13, Nazrol Aminuddin Zamri, 15, Mohd Noreen Zainal, 14, and Mohd Hafizuddin Kamal, 16 are also reported to have drowned and are still missing. 
Efforts of finding these victims are still ongoing by the Segamat Fire and Rescue Department.

These teenage boys were among the 13 who were jogging in the area before heading to the popular recreation spot located near Pasir Rusa for a swim.
After swimming, eight of them were walking on the river bank when one of them slipped and fell. Seven of the teenagers who tried to save their friend, slipped and drowned.