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Tengku Adnan clarifies on beer festival

Tengku Adnan clarifies on beer festival
Tengku Adnan says holding such a festival went against DBKL bylaws.
KUALA LUMPUR: Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor today dismissed an allegation of him having stated that the "Better Beer Festival 2017" planned for next month in the city was cancelled due to political and religious factors.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) denied approval for the festival due to security reasons, he said, adding that holding such a festival also went against DBKL bylaws.
The sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks in an open area was illegal and "in terms of security, the police had given their feedback that it is a bit dangerous to have such a festival in an open space".

"For me, my prime consideration is to ensure public safety ... they can have their festival in a house, at a bar or at a hotel, but not in an open space ... they are not allowed to do so.
"Please do not spin this issue saying that I (Tengku Adnan) denied it (approval) because of political and religious pressure. No!" he said to reporters after officiating at the Mah Sing Group Berhad affordable residential units project, here.

Tengku Adnan also expressed disappointment over some of the political statements made by the opposition on the issue, which depicted the government in a bad light and portrayed that it banned the people from drinking liquor.

He also denied having allowed such festivals to be conducted in an open area in the city in the past.

The Better Beer Festival was planned for Oct 6 and 7 at the Publika Shopping Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, featuring 250 different craft beers from 43 breweries worldwide.

The DBKL announcement came a week after PAS Central Committee member Dr Riduan Mohd Nor spoke out against the event, calling it a "pesta maksiat" (vice party) and claiming that it would turn Kuala Lumpur into the "largest vice centre in Asia".

Tengku Adnan said his ministry would convene a special meeting on Monday to discuss the issue of 'hot areas' in Kuala Lumpur which were being used for illegal and immoral activities.

"Among the areas that we have identified are Keramat, Kampung Baru, Cheras, Lembah Pantai and Seputeh. We will take action to ensure that these areas are free from illegal and immoral activities," he said. -- BERNAMA