Snatch theft victims share their experiences

Snatch theft victims share their experiences
VICTIMS: (Clockwise) Siti Nor Ain, Natasha Eryna, Dawn and Fazleena
KUALA LUMPUR: There have been adequate warnings in the past. Yet, many women still fall victim to snatch thieves especially in the city centre.

More often than not, women who have experienced such agonising episodes say it has taught them the invaluable lesson of not taking safety for granted.

Journalist Fazleena Aziz still remembers her horrifying encounter after a long day at work.

“As I was tired, I just left my handbag on the passenger seat. While I was waiting at a traffic light, a motorcycle with two men on it appeared out of nowhere, broke my car window and fled with my handbag,” recalled Fazleena.
“It happened so fast…probably in just 10 seconds. I was shocked,” she added.

Since then, Fazleena will place her handbag in a safe area in her car.
Siti Nor Ain Abdullah, meanwhile, almost became a snatch theft victim as she was distracted talking over her mobile phone.

“I was driving home alone on that fateful night and as I was approaching home, I called my mother to inform her about my whereabouts,” said Siti Nor Ain.

“The snatch thieves chose that vulnerable moment to strike as they were targeting the clothes-filled bag that I placed on the passenger seat. They went as far as smashing my car window but quickly fled after the driver in a car behind mine honked.”

TV personality and actress Dawn Jeremiah, 28, almost got robbed after watching a late night movie with a friend in a shopping mall in Damansara last year.

“I was checking my phone while walking towards the parking lot when suddenly a man came running from behind and tried to grab my handbag. I panicked and screamed and he ran away.

“We reported the incident to the shopping mall’s management. I never go anywhere without a can of pepper spray,” Dawn said, adding that women should be more aware of their surroundings when they are outside.

If there is one nugget of wisdom for women, Natasha Eryna Mohd Nasir, 26, has this to say; avoid carrying valuable items in a handbag.

Natasha learnt her bitter lesson the hard way when her handbag, filled with jewellery, was snatched while she was walking along the road.

“Always ensure that your handbag does not face the traffic when walking along the road,” Natasha added.